The artist

Hermann Mejer

Contemporary artist with academic background, he portrays the character of his models in a classical figurative key.

In his artistic career he undergoes the process of transformation and expression of material forms and movement.

His works are present in several private collections in Buenos Aires, Florence, New York, London, Berlin and Münich.


1961 Argentina, Mendoza. He was born on August 3.

1978 He began his artistic training at the National Academy of Art of Mendoza, specializing in ceramics and sculpture. Coordinates the first meetings of young Latin American artists. Participate in the creation and installation of theatrical stages.

1989 Italy, Florence. He specializes in sculptural and Renaissance techniques, and especially the study of sculptural portraiture. He collaborates with Florentine foundries such as Il Cesello dei F.lli Cipriani, producing reproductions of Renaissance classics in bronze. He teaches sculptors training courses at the Machiavelli School, the American Academy of Art and other artistic institutes.

1997 United States. New York. Performs scenographic projects, personal and collective exhibitions and private commissions.

2002 (to date) Italy. Puglia, Fixed residence and continues his artistic and experimental activity. Investigate the technical-expressive possibilities of raw earth, terracotta, ceramics, limestone, etc. and its eco-sustainable applications. He works on commissions such as the portrait of Sheik Khalifa, ruler of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, bronze equestrian sculpture for Giancarlo Conte, Milan, bust of singer Alicia Keys, for Columbia Records, New York, portrait of rap singer KRS One, New York, monumental bronze dedicated to Domenico Modugno, commissioned by the municipality of Polignano a Mare (Bari). Some of his works are exhibited permanently in the gallery “Peppino Campanella” Polignano a Mare (Italy) and in the gallery Mostly Glass, New Jersey (USA).

2006 – 2007 Joint samples in “Idea”, Sta. Scol {astica, Bari. SPA. Spazio per l’arte Contemporanea, Andria, and “Banca Rotta”, Cisternino, Bari. He founded the ecological art group “Ecoterroni”

2008 – 2009 Realizes the monumental sculpture of Doménico Modugno located in Polignano a Mare, Bari, Italy. Joint exhibition “For the Pise”

2010 Receives the prize “The Culture Awareness” in Polignano a Mare. Shows “Transition” at the Doge’s Palace, Martina Franca. He collaborates in scenographies for Cinecittá.

2011 – 2012 – 2013 – 2014 – Dictates theoretical-practical workshops of sustainable architecture in adobe and terracotta for Land Art, Beyond Architecture Group, Laboratori dal Basso, “MAT” of Terlizi, Società per ll’arte di Andria, Dipartimento d’ingenieria of inovazione di Lecce, Ecotekne and “OpenLab” Laboratori di modelazione digitale ed stampa 3D. Personal samples at the Civic Tower of Cisternino and “Festival del Mare”

2015 Realizes a bronze statue “Wonderful Modugno” for the commune of Polignano a Mare. Dicta workshops on self-construction and technology on land in Archeoluoghi- Altamurggia. Make the giant hand for the festival of San Nicola Bari. He teaches sustainable construction courses in his private study.

2016 to date – At this time he has focused his work mainly on clay modeling and sustainable architecture. It dictates private courses of art and construction with ecological materials.

At work